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POCHER made exact, realistic 1/8 scale replicas of original automobiles. The exclusive Pocher models were divided in three categories: Pocher Classic, Pocher Prestige and Pocher Truck. The building of these cars is a real challenge. You start by assembling chassis and suspension parts, steering mechanism, pistons, crankshaft and other motor parts. Then the body panels and fenders, electrical systems and upholstery are constructed. At last you assemble the wheels, in some models one spoke at a time!
On this site you find all out-of-production Pocher models!!

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November 30, 2008
9.00u (GMT + 1)

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The model I will construct next will be the ROLLS-ROYCE Phantom II Ambassador (K83), he has won with 35% of the votes!

Is there still hope for pocher models...?
The manual section of my web site is online and complete! All manuals are available page by page or on PDF-files!
My web site is now on a new web server, a real POCHER server!!
A new Pocher model constructed K35. "Porsche Carerra Cup" a great TRANSKIT!!

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