Manual Alfa Romeo metal wheels

  1. Use the assembly jig for construction of the wheel. First you assembly the wheel hub.
    P.S. In the K71 model the plastic is red, I painted it flat black to be more realistic!

  2. Then you have to srew the metal ring on the first plastic mould
  3. Put the central and the outer ring on the special holder!
  4. Use Super glue for attaching the spokes, you can't fix it without it!

  5. Put one side of the spoke (the one without the tie-rod) in the central

  6. Then you put a tie-rods (1) on the spoke, you can use some superglue so it wont fall off! (This is NOT obligatory), then try if the spoke has the good lenght, else shorten it one mm.

  7. Use a little screwdriver to push the tie-rods (gently) in the plastic.

  8. With patience you construct the first layer of spokes.

  9. Now place the second metal ring in place and put the second plastic ring on top of it and screw it together.

  10. Now construct the second layer of spokes.

  11. Screw the rivet valve on the metal ring. Use superglue on the backside, the valve wont come off in that way!

  12. Place this metal ring on the wheel.

  13. Screw the second plastic wheel on the first!

  14. After this you start construction of the third layer of spokes.

  15. Place the metal ring on the plstic wheel.

  16. The metal wheel is finished!

  17. The easiest way to get the tire on the wheel is getting the tire softer by warming it. Use almost boiling water, put the tire some time in it. Now it is very easy to put the tire on the wheel!.Don't burn yourself!!

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