Manual Mercedes-Benz metal wheels

  1. Use Super glue, you can't fix it without it!

  2. Use this superglue to glue the tie-rods (2) on the spoke, so they will not fall off!

  3. Use a little screwdriver to push the tie-rods (gently) in the plastic.

  4. With patience you construct the first layer of spokes.

  5. Now construct the second layer of spokes.

  6. Place the metal cylinders (these are counterweights) on the plastic wheel, use enough super glue!

  7. Before you put the metal ring in place you have to addapt the border somewhat so the ring comes around the tie-rods!

  8. Screw the metal ring on the plastic, if too many resistance, stop screwing and shorten the screw and try again!

  9. Screw the rivet valve on the metal ring. Use superglue on the backside, the valve wont come off in that way!

  10. Place this metal ring and the inner metal ring on the wheel.

  11. Place the second plastic wheel on the first with gentile pressure!

  12. After this you start construction of the first layer of spokes, again use superglue to fasten the tie-rods!.

  13. Place the first layer of spokes.

  14. Start the second layer of spokes, these are on top of the first layer and the legs of the spokes are between the legs of the spokes of the first layer.

  15. Screw the metal ring in place.

  16. Now you can finish the metal wheel!

  17. Remove the auxillary plastic junctions, use a metal knife, first warm it so you can cut the plastic just using slight pressure.

  18. The easiest way to get the tire on the wheel is getting the tire softer by warming it. Use almost boiling water, put the tire some time in it. Now it is very easy to put the tire on the wheel!.Don't burn yourself!!

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