Problems, solutions and tips

I have been making these models since 1991. In these 9 years I have build 20 different models; not always without difficulties. On this page I wrote the biggest problems and their solutions. If you have any questions of difficulties, please e-mail them to me.

A big problem is the fact that sometimes a piece is missing. (5 cars) I know it is possible to order the missing piece but the waiting time is very long (sometimes more than 6 months!). Since the beginning of 2002 you can not order missing pieces because Pocher models are not in production anymore!!

Do not get depressed when the bodywork does not fit, with some patience and some light pressure it fits perfectly. Sometimes the bonnet of the classic models doesn't fit well either. The solutions is to cut gently some plastic from the sites.

De metal wheels are a challenge. Here: same advice; do not get depressed and stay calm. First of all: do not follow the numbers on the plastic. Just start at a point and work your way thru. Please study the picture on the manual carefully! Use super glue to glue the central part of the spoke, then put the spoke holder on the other side of the spoke and fasten it on the wheel. Be patient, the result is fantastic. Pity the newer models do not have spoke wheels any more..because they are too expensive or ....too difficult? I find that you should have had the possibility to choose between a model with or without spoke wheels. Take a look at the manual for Pocher metal wheels and ofcourse also at the wheels-page !

The dashboard on some models can be embellished with a piece of leather, or even by copying them in wood.

Pay attention with the little screws, they are very brittle and break very easily. When you feel too much resistance you must stop and cut a piece of the screw.

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