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  1. Are Pocher models still in production?
    Pocher ???

  2. Pocher was founded in 1969. One of the first models were K70, K71 and K72 Pocher made 18 Prestige cars, 20 Classic ones and 2 trucks! On the list page you find a complete list of models produced. Please email me when there are mistakes or models missing!
    List of Pocher models

  3. A sad story... Pocher model K62: Ferrari F 50. It was featured in the 1995 Pocher catalog as an upcoming kit...
    Pocher Ferrari F50?

  4. A special Porsche edition: Pocher K32 and K33!
    Pocher PORSCHE K32 and K33!

  5. A VERY special Porsche edition: Pocher K34!
    Pocher PORSCHE K34 and K35!

  6. The big difference between k82 and K94; or between K90 and K95; or between K74 and K93...yes indeed, the difference between the real wire wheels and the plastic wheels...
    Pocher wire wheels - plastic wheels!



Pocher models 1/8


Since 2002 Lima has STOPPED production of Pocher cars...see the end
I hope (like many others) that the Lima company will restart the production!

Pocher K62: Ferrari F50 1/8


Pocher F50

Two possible reasons::
  • 1. Mattel bought the production rights for 5.000.000$ !!! (disgraceful); Pocher "forgot" to extend his rights...thank you Mattel
  • 2. The Pocher K62 prototype was stolen!!

    Pocher K32 and K33: Porsche 993 in yellow and blue-metallic

    Pocher Germany has made, in negotiation with the Pocher Company, a special edition of the Porsche 993! A yellow and a blue-metallic one; both editions will be limited at 100 pieces! The bodycolor is a real Porsche color; painted by Arnold.

    Pocher K34 and K35: Porsche 993 in red and race version

    Pocher Germany has made a red one; limited at 50 pieces! The bodycolor is a real Porsche color; painted by Arnold.A real Pocher enthusiast (W. Bürgel) has made a race version of the Porsche: FANTASTIC !!

    Pocher wire wheels and plastic wheels

    The famous pocher metal the last models the real wire wheels were changed by cheaper plastic the price of the kits was less and the kits became a lot more easy to construct. I photographed the two types.. at the Wheels-page

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