These wonderful cars should be protected against dust (and children). I designed a showcase in two or even three levels. It is rather large, but it is fantastic to see.

The bottom is a wooden board (60 X 100 cm), on witch I milled a groove of 6 mm wide and 5 mm deep.The measurements of the groove are 80 X 45 cm, so there is still place to display the mark and type of the vehicle. The measurements of the glass (6 mm wide) are 80 X 30 cm (80 X 50 cm for the Truck) for front and back and 43,8 X 30 cm (43,5 X 50 cm for the truck) or the sides; so we get a showcase of 80 X 45 cm.
The glass is placed into the grooves.

The glass is glued together with transparent silicone.

On the top edge of this glass I put a profile with two grooves; one above and one under. The groove underneath fits on the top edge of the glass.

View from above

Side view

In the top groove I placed the glass of the upper show-case.

These glass is glued together with transparent silicone.

We place the middle glass (78,5 X 43,5 cm) on the profile in the middle.

On the top edge of this upper showcase I placed a cover in glass. This has the same plan from above as the profile in the middle of the show-case. The side view you find down here.
profiel2.JPG - 21210 Bytes

The cover, the profile and the glass edges on the sides can be finished according your own style and interests.
    Price of the materials:
  1. 1: Glass +/- 70,00
  2. 2: wood +/- 50,00
  3. 3: paint +/- 6
  4. 4: wooden board: +/- 11
    Total: +/- 137 If you have questions, do not hesitate to email me!


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